Understanding Teeth Growth In Children

healthy teeth in children

Did you know, the seeds of the teeth, both milk teeth and permanent teeth, have been formed since the baby is in the mother’s womb? Dentition beginning at age 6-8 months and begins with the formation of white enamel section, followed by a slightly yellowish colored dentin. Next is a part of the pulp that […]

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How to Get Healthy Teeth in the Right Way

how to get healthy teeth

When talking about the health of the body, you will find so many problems which may occur in the body. In this modern era, people will tend to choose the fast food for the solution of the eating material. The fast food is chosen for the reason that the easy preparation for being eaten. But […]

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Healthy Cat Teeth Treatment

healthy cat teeth

Are you a cat person? Well, either you are or you aren’t, if you have a cat, keeping its health is very important. A cat needs to be treated well to maintain the hygienist of your cat. The healthy treatment can be done especially for the cat teeth. The right teeth treatment will affect your […]

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Best Home Teeth Whitening Methods

best home teeth whitening

Smiling or laughing will make your feeling much better. It is also as the positive therapy for the healthy life. Sometimes, you smile and laugh in front of other people like friends or family. Sure, this activity will be more fun when you have nice and beautiful teeth. Beautiful teeth here mean white and healthy […]

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