Teeth Whitening Training Course

teeth whitening training

Teeth whitening training is now attracted by many people including the nurses or even the new dentists. It is because in the training, especially for the common people and nurses, they will learn and be taught with the right methods of the teeth whitening treatment as the procedures so the process will be as the […]

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Two Types of Whitening Teeth Procedures

whitening teeth procedure

Whitening teeth procedure consists of two types; it is vital and non vital Whitening teeth procedure. How can your teeth become white? What kinds of procedures that have done? Those kinds of questions are really needed to be known for those of you. Actually there are two types of Whitening teeth procedures. In this article, […]

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Understanding Teeth Growth In Children

tips for healthy teeth

Did you know, the seeds of the teeth, both milk teeth and permanent teeth, have been formed since the baby is in the mother’s womb? Dentition beginning at age 6-8 months and begins with the formation of white enamel section, followed by a slightly yellowish colored dentin. Next is a part of the pulp that […]

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