Fruits That Whiten Teeth

Teeth Whitening Tips-Fruits That Whiten Teeth

There are many at home teeth whitening tips that are scattered all over the Internet. Most of them give importance on the use of alternative teeth whitening products aside from toothpaste.

Very few pay attention to some natural sources that we usually eat. This article gives highlight to some foods that have been found out to have teeth whitening functions.

List of 4 Fruits That Are Commonly Known To Whiten The Teeth Naturally

1.Orange: One fact remains unchanged about orange. It is one of the fruits that contain different antioxidants and acids that are beneficial to overall body health. Likewise, these antioxidants and acids make orange an important component of at home teeth whitening tips. In particular, the orange acid 7 has the capability to whiten teeth. Aside from the edible part, its peelings, specifically the inside part can be rubbed directly on your teeth. It is however important to rinse your mouth with water as its citric acid content can cause substantial enamel erosion.

2.Lemon: Like orange, another fruit that contains teeth whitening properties is lemon. It also belongs to the citrus family making it another potent source of beneficial antioxidants and acids. Its juice can be turned into a mixture by adding baking soda. The resulting paste can then be applied to the teeth just like your regular toothpaste. Similarly, its peelings can also be rubbed to the teeth. Rinse well with water to wash away excessive citric acid.

3.Apple: Aside from its high water content, apple also contains malic acid – a natural chemical that whitens teeth. It is an ingredient that makes apple a usual flavor of regular toothpastes. Most at home teeth whitening tips specify that its juice can be mixed with baking soda to make a paste. The paste can then be applied directly to the teeth.

4.Strawberry: Most berries stain the teeth, however, strawberry works the exact opposite. It can whiten the teeth. Crushing some pieces and mixing it with baking soda results into a paste substance that can be applied to the teeth. Like apple, the malic acid content of strawberry makes it a viable teeth whitening fruit.

To Sum Things Up

In general, these fruits are utilized because of their many uses, primarily because of their edibility. They are also utilized because of their antioxidant contents that make them useful in the prevention of certain diseases.

Their scents are even used in different products such as shampoos, lotions and toothpastes. Yet, in their simplest forms, even without going through rigid laboratory and industrial processes, they can be beneficial things worthy of inclusion in the lists of natural at home teeth whitening tips.

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  1. Wow, these home-made whitening paste sure sounds easy to prepare and kids might be more receptive to these with the fruity flavours! Great that these fruits are so easily accessible and are usually found in the household.
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