How to Whiten Teeth Naturally and Safely

Your teeth are naturally white. However, as time goes by, your teeth change color because of your age and lifestyle. The older you get, the thinner and darker your teeth become. Smoking and drinking certain beverages also make your teeth stained. So, try not to smoke a lot as well as to consume too much tea, coffee, or cola. You can also find ways on how to whiten teeth naturally if you cannot afford professional whitening.

One of the most popular ways on how to whiten teeth naturallyis using baking soda. Baking soda has abrasive properties that can scrub stains off the tooth enamel. In fact, it has been used as a teeth cleaning agent since the eighteenth century. When it is dissolved in water, it produces free radicals that penetrate the enamel and lighten it.

You can brush your teeth with baking soda. Just mix it with hydrogen peroxide to form toothpaste. It is not advisable to use this mixture daily, though, as it can damage the tooth enamel if used too often. Moreover, baking soda can dissolve orthodontic glue that’s why you should not try this way on how to whiten teeth naturally if you wear retainers or braces.

Believe it or not, fruits such as strawberries, lemons, and oranges can whiten teeth too. They are actually regarded as natural remedies for teeth whitening. Rubbing your teeth everyday with strawberries can remove the stains. The same technique goes with oranges and lemons. Just take an orange or lemon peel and rub its back part onto the surface of your teeth. You can also make toothpaste out of salt and lemon juice. Then, apply it on the yellowing spots on your teeth.

Brushing your teeth with apple cider vinegar or hard wood ash also works. Hard wood ash contains potassium hydroxide which is effective in whitening teeth. If you prefer to use your regular toothpaste for brushing, you can at least use bicarbonate soda five minutes beforehand. You can also mix a bit of baking soda to your toothpaste so you will not be grossed out of the baking soda’s unpleasant taste. Keep your teeth healthy by avoiding extremely hot or cold beverages. Always brush your teeth and do not eat too much sugary desserts.

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    Just about the most well-liked means on ways to whiten teeth naturally is utilizing baking soda. Baking soda has abrasive properties that could scrub ……

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